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SVI Global is a western owned and managed company dedicated to helping our clients do business more effectively in Asia. We set up your personal team of virtual employees to perform tasks such as sourcing, cost negotiation, product development, securing and managing production, quality assurance, and shipping. We make it easy by providing you with a single point of contact for all your business needs in Asia.

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Selling to major retailers is complicated and needs to be specially tailored for each company – one approach does not fit all. Factory auditing, production capacity, timeline management, testing, inspection, and consistent communication are all important to manage any project smoothly.

During the past 16 years, we have worked with over 50 major retailers across different product categories. We understand the retail market, as well as the high expectations and detailed process and procedures of western importers and retailers for either your brand or their own brands.


Our clients’ success speaks for itself. We have helped hundreds of companies grow dramatically. What kind of products? For us, it’s not about the product, it’s all about the process. Our merchandise managers have expertise in the requirements, standards, and procedures specific to each retailer.

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