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China is no longer the only and best option for sourcing factories due to trade wars and labor cost increases. In addition to our operational headquarters in Dongguan, China, we’re expanding our sourcing team of offices globally, including Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico. Contact us now to get a quote package for different countries.


Don't know the importing process but want to manufacture in other countries? Let SVI help you identify the right factory. Our merchandising teams can operate all the manufacturing and importing procedures on your behalf.

Project process:

Project Evaluation

Factory Sourcing

Supplier Selection and Quotation

Factory Audit

Product Development

Patent Application

Cost Finalization

Sample Approval

Internal CPSC Lab Testing

PO Placement and Production Plan

PP Sample Approval and Production

QC Inspections

Shipping Arrangement


Are you overwhelmed by the back and forth communications with oversea factories? Frustrated that things cannot be solved efficiently due to the time difference? Hiring employees in Asia is complicated and difficult to manage from overseas. SVI’s bilingual and western management teams are ready to be your on the ground office in Asia. We can on board at any time and take over all the stressful work that comes with manufacturing. You can tailor your dedicated SVI team to your specific business needs. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you want in these processes.

Manufacturing with retailer certified factories in Asia?

Are you new to doing business with major retailers (Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Costco etc.) and struggling with their complicated requirements and processes? SVI has acquired the knowhow in working with many retailers since 2003. We can source certified suppliers for you or make your existing suppliers qualified for any retailer standards. Our experienced merchandising team can be the contact window to the retailer’s local offices, as well as planning and managing the timeline of actions.

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