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We deliver products to over 50 major retailers representing well over 100,000 locations. Our team is built to cater to retailers’ complex procedures and strict quality control standards. Our merchandising team develops and supervises the timeline of each project to provide a smooth and on time delivery. Low cost is no longer the single factor to growing your business substantially.


Our retailer partners include

Target, Walmart, Costco, Home Depot and many more…..

  • ASDA
  • Walgreens
Having your factories pass the retailer audit requirements is a crucial step in initiating retailer business. It can take 1-3 months to find a factory that complies with all the audit requirements; this includes factory evaluation of production capabilities, quality control systems, social compliance and C-TPAT security audits. If a factory has major failure points in the evaluation, they will not likely be a supplier for major retailers. However, our audit team can work with the factory to make corrections in order to have them prepared for the official factory audit.
Testing and inspections for both packaging and product are key milestones in achieving a smooth and on time delivery.
Testing in our in-house CPSC certified lab prior to production can avoid the testing failure and rework risk.
We have contracts with third party labs such as BV, Intertek and SGS, and our clients can benefit by utilizing these contracts for lower testing rates.
We do inline and final inspections prior to the retailer inspection to catch things and correct in time. Every step of the manufacturing timeline is under our control.