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Examples of some product categories we’re doing for our clients



Major Office Supplier

A major office supplier had never had an office in China before working with SVI. The client  had a great relationship with their factories, but still needed help with order execution, factory coordination, testing, inspections, audit arrangement, and logistics.

SVI allocated 1 merchandiser and QA/QC when first starting with the client. The team has now has grown to include 9 merchandisers, 3 exclusive 3D engineers, QA/QC, Shipping, Graphics, and Legal.

Customer Testimonial

We had another great meeting with Target and they continue to be impressed with our efforts, communication, and partnership with the factories.  Thank you to the entire team for the continued efforts.  I appreciate your partnership and feel we have made great strides.

SVI's Role

Cut costs and saved time on sample development. Conference calls ensured proper samples were sent, saving unnecessary courier costs and time.

Reliable and on-time shipping.

Less US management needed. We provided the manpower with our dedicated merchandising team.

Did not need to switch factories. If the client chooses, SVI can continue working with the same factories the client has previously done business with.

Improved daily work/communication efficiency (24 hours working time execution). During the night in the US, SVI in China always continues to help urge the factories to provide the materials and information required by the customer.

Added new qualified suppliers in both existing and new product categories.



South America Toy and Sporting Goods Business

A western trading company with office branches in Guangzhou that sells to South American. The client was looking to improve their Guangzhou branch operations. They required a good system to manage their supply chain which had been having communication issues and major late shipments.

In June 2017, the client started business with SVI and by 2018 they dissolved their Guanghzou office and fully transfered their business to SVI.

Customer Testimonial

Having SVI team members to help facilitate & consult was hugely valuable. The SVI team are so conscientious, helpful, smart, knowledgeable, truly dedicated and works so hard to keep our business on track. Thank you for having such great people at SVI.

SVI's Role

SVI manages supply chain through order management, inspection, testing, new development, sourcing, showroom setup, and customer meetings. With the help of SVI, quality products were delivered to the customer right on time, which resulted in a purchase order value of $22M during 2018.

SVI set up a good communication system to share updated data to customer to control the goods on schedule. This reduced late shipments, arranged the proper consolidation shipments, and saved on local shipping costs (including truck fees, customs declaration charges, and CO charges).

SVI employee worked nearby the factory as an extension of the customer to oversee development and negotiations.

SVI Merchandisers watched the factories very closely on every PO and also assigned the QA / PMC staff to check the in-line production to assure the factories prepared the raw materials, arranged the production in a timely manner, and catch problems in time during the production.

SVI added more details in the inspection process to ensure the quality of the product and factory quality improved accordingly.



E-Cigarette Manufacturer

A startup company in the E-cigarette business came to us looking to set up an operation in China to support explosive growth. Although we had never worked in this field before, we found relevant engineers, taste testers, QC inspectors, and merchandisers to support the development and production needs and went to work on a vendor strategy. Within 3 years, the company was producing tens of millions of units annually and our factories have never missed a ship date.

Customer Testimonial

SVI has been an important partner in managing our China operations, logistics and quality.  Their responsiveness, and continued dedication to our business, has allowed us to continue to grow at a rapid pace, while maintaining the highest of standards.

Throughout eight years of partnership, SVI has been a reliable service provider during the most exciting and the most challenging times.  We appreciate all that they have done in supporting and representing our business.

SVI's Role

Less administration costs for the customer to manage.

Experience in trading/OEM/ODM business and able to advise suggestions.

Provide alternative resources for cost comparison.

Experience in dealing with China factories which allowed us to solve problems instead of passing them on to the customer.



Cookware Leader

A company in the cookware industry was given the opportunity to bid on a large retailer owned brand program.  We located factory choices that would all meet the retailer requirements and had the skill set, capacity, and structure to support such a large program.  We then worked closely with the factory to prepare them for the different required audits, samples and processes required to operate within this retailer owned brand.  We are now placing millions of dollars annually to this factory and growing their business by more than 30% a year. In addition, our customer is expanding their business with more retailers and wider assortments.

Customer Testimonial

SVI is an integral and important partner in our sourcing initiatives. From supporting product development efforts to monitoring manufacturing processes to ensure quality product is produced and shipped on time, the services SVI offers are invaluable to our business. Additionally, their experience working across a wide range of categories with a broad spectrum of customers has proven to be extremely beneficial in navigating the ever-changing landscape of certifications and compliance.

SVI's Role

SVI assignedauditors to the customer’s factory and evaluated based on the retailer’srequirements. SVI gave guidance to the factory for all improvements and got thefactory qualified for a Target audit.

The SVI merchandiser worked closely with the factory to manage project timeline and coordinated with the factory, the customer and Target to make sure all of the manufacturing processes were going smoothly for on-time delivery.

SVI did price negotiations with factories and cut costs for the customers on a yearly basis.

SVI sourced back up factories for the customer’s existing project and sourced new factories for the customer’s new project.

SVI assignedengineers and QC to factories to oversee production, tooling development, andsample approvals.