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The Most Coveted 2020 Halloween Decoration: Seasonal Visions 12FT Skeleton

No one could have predicted how the 2020 Halloween season would go.  Many retailers and consumers alike were afraid that the holiday would be cancelled altogether due to the pandemic. However, it soon became clear that more people than ever were looking for reasons to celebrate during these hard times. One item in particular managed to capture the attention of all who sawit: the 12’ Skeleton.

This giant skeleton not only delighted shoppers in stores, but caused a storm online and even made appearances on TV.  After the item was released to the public in August, it began to pop up on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.  Due to this popularity, articles were also written in the Washington Post, NY Times, Buzzfeed and many others highlighting the frenzy surrounding this item.  It even got its own Facebook page with more than 7,000 devoted fans.

Take a look at the 12-foot-skeleton on New York Times

Take a look at the 12-foot-skeleton on The Washington Post

Take a look at the 12-foot-skeleton on Buzz Feed

With all the attention and more than 280 five star reviews on the THD site, retailers and shoppers are looking to know what made this item go so viral.  Although skeletons are not new to the Halloween industry by any means, SVI took this traditional and familiar staple and turned it into a “wow” product by creating a massive towering product that no one could miss.  The digital eye technology added a simple but exciting spin to the item.  Some customers even drove hours away to pickup the last remaining stock.  Finally,for consumers that wanted to socially distance, this product was the perfect decoration to be seen from blocks away.

With the success of the 12’ Skeleton, we here at SVI are already looking to the future.  SVI not only creates new items every year, we create trends.  We are excited to take on new challenges and continue to be a leader in the seasonal products industry.


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